Sunday, April 14, 2013

Notre Dame 2013 Clinic Nuggets

Bill Belichick
"If you have to "light a fire" in the same players, everyday, that is a Red Flag."

Marc Trestman
"The BEST know WHY they do it."

Chris Ault
"The Pistol Formation presents a one back formation with the effect of a two back offense."

Sam Wyche
"How do you learn? PAY ATTENTION!"

Marvin Lewis
"Challenge yourself AND challenge your staff."

Brian Kelly
"Stress to your players that BEFORE practice is critical:REST and HYDRATION."
Mike Denbrock (WR Coach)
"You must PRACTICE full speed so can PLAY full speed."

Harry Hiestand (OL Coach)
referring to the PUNCH in pass protection
"Don't attack the rusher, be patience, to avoid overextending and losing your balance."

Chuck Martin (OC and QB coach)
"Don't complain about what they (players) can't do, Ask them to do what they can do."

Kristin Sheehan (Co-Director Play Like A Champion Today Educational Program)
"How do you find happiness? By serving others."

Don Fellows (HC Grand Rapids Christian  High School)
"We want a double team block at the point of attack on all our runs." 

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  1. I wanted a double team at the point of attack on all my runs too, until my OL struggled coming off to the next level.