Sunday, January 27, 2013


Joe Medina Cascia Hall Prep School (OK)

"Use Play Action Pass early in the game, it takes advantage of the defense when they are aggressive"

"We like 3rd and MAKEABLE"

Rich Hargitt Nation Ford High School (SC)

"Use a Crazy formation on 4th down instead of trying to use a base formation and long/hard count"

"If a play doesn't work, tweak it first before getting rid of it"

Kevin Kelley Pulaski Academy (AR)

"When you give players more ownership, they tend to remember it BETTER."

"A High School coach can affect more lives in a year than most people in a lifetime"

Lee Owens Ashland College (OH)

"Use SCAN Tempo on ALL 4th downs"

Steve Specht St.Xavier High School (OH)

"We run the Coast to Coast Offense...we take ideas from coast to coast."

"Scheme so the the Offensive Linemen can stay aggressive and PLAY FAST."

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