Monday, August 20, 2012


I have always struggled with how to practice No-huddle...Use signals or Codes that the defense starts to learn and cheat (bad defense,bad!). Last week I started to channel my inner ADD. What if I called a code and some signals at the same time? So I would sugar huddle the Offense and tell them "DOUBLES...Listen to me" BREAK.  I would yell our code for ALL HITCH and signal ALL GO. Then WRs run ALL GO...perfect.
"DOUBLES...Look at me" BREAK. I would yell our code for Y Stick and signal Y Cross.
Then the WRs run Y Cross...bingo.

The WRs have picked it up and now the defense can't cheat!

I helped out our young WR group for TRIPS formation...the question always being what does #3 do now, coach?
"TRIPS...ONE and TWO listen to ME, THREE Look at me"
I yell the concept for #1 and #2 WRs and signal #3.

I have started to expand it a bit today and had another assistant stand next to me. We would sugar huddle and I would make the call
"Listen to Me"
"Look at Me"
"Listen to Coach"
"Look at Coach"

Now the next challenge, how to indicate who/what is live and what is dummy during a game!

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