Friday, June 17, 2011


I found an alternative to lugging around trash cans all the time. At one of the clinics I attended, I heard Head Coach Shawn Jackson from Obion County Central High School (TN). He showed some clips of routes on air. The thing that struck me were these dummies he was using for drop awareness. He calls them “scarecrows”. They are made of PVC pipes and weighted down with a 10 pound plate. I decided to make my own version of it. They are taller than a trash can, so the QB can’t throw over it that easy!

There are not many materials needed.


PVC 10' pipe $4.18

2x4x10 $2.78

Hacksaw to cut pipe

Screws for base

Drill for screws

I measured and cut a 6 foot section. I set the extra 4 foot section aside. I took the 6 foot section and stood it up to get basic idea where the shoulder cut should be. This ended up at 18 inches. Take the 4 foot section and cut in half for the “arms”. Now take the “head-shoulder” piece and put it in the CROSS joint. I used 2x4 for the base. Have the hardware store cut them for you, saves a TON of time. The cuts should be 14-16 inches.  Next is the tricky part, set the pieces upright and place CROSS piece with the pipe side down into the center. Secure the 2x4 pieces together. Below are some pictures.


  1. I have to ask, where did you get the Andrean jersey? I went to Andrean (Merrillville, IN)