Saturday, July 24, 2010

Old Notes I found

I was reading one of my old Coverdale books and I found some notes.

Here they are:
4 Tempos

1. Regular-Signal in Play

2. Indy-Get to line, call signals look to sideline

3. Jet-Fast as possible, no play change

4. Scan-Call formation, look to sidelines

No huddle body clock- I think I got this from someone on Coachhuey's board but I'm not sure.

1. Touch top of head
2. Cover both ears
3. Hand around throat
4. Touch forehead
5. Hold out five fingers
6. Six shooters at hips
7. Drink Something
8. Hand on stomach
9. shoot in the air

I personally use warp speed no huddle with three pre-determined plays in row. We have taught our kids to make the necessary change to the formation(s) based upon the hash. Additionally, the players will yell out the direction of play prior to the onset of it via code words.

Here is some video of a Head Coach out of Auburn, Illinois speaking about his no huddle system. Some pretty neat nuggets in there if you watch the whole ten minutes.
At the end Coach Bates talks about his ten minute drill which is a neat way to run an uptempo system.

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