Sunday, December 6, 2009

All the talk about the Oregon Zone Read of the Three technique got me to start thinking. If a team were to add the fly sweep component to this type of play a team could get the five technique to play soft because of the edge threat. Additionally, through film study an opposing D coordinator would be able to surmise that the read key is the backside 3 tech. Thus telling that young man to play at the LOS and avoid penetrating the LOS. Which as we know is the number one thing that kills any stretch sort of play. Therefore, one could reasonably conclude that an offense through formation and motion could get two backside defensive players to play less aggressive then they would would normally play. Just my thoughts on the matter. I will let you know how it goes in the Spring.


  1. I love the theory behind this play, but tell me; are you running jet and faking read and conversely faking jet and running read? Or are you trying to make this a triple option type play. If the latter is true I don't think I have a player in my system that could make those reads.

  2. I know that by running the fly sweep I can get the defense to over rotate.
    Once I have established the fly I can then run the stretch play with a fake on the fly motion.
    The read key would be the bside 3 on the fake fly.
    The fly motion on this particular play would only serve as window dressing to set this play up.