Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Part 2 of Game Planning - The thoughts on why...

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So what is the magic number of plays per game?

I can't answer that 100% certain however I think it's  somewhere probably between 36-48

Much like Coach said, the hope is you can run base down plays twice.

With the average number of plays being 65 per game, we try not to take more 48 calls into a game.

How does our plan start out?

22 plays from approximately seven formations MAX.

Find your formation and play advantage and build from there, be able to have answer calls..

For example
Zone Read
Split Zone
Zone RPO

the latter 3 answer the defense reaction to Zone Read.

We like to have 6 RedZone and Goal line special plays. 3 inside the 5 and 3 for when the defense changes into Red Zone Defense. Some it's at the 25 and others it's at the 13.

12 unique third calls,  3rd and 3 or less, 3rd and 4-7, 3rd and 8-10, 3rd and 11+

3 Coming Out Plays

3 Screens/Shot Plays

We may add a trick play into the game plan as well.

This allows us to practice each play multiple times a week before Friday.

Need to know how this works? Best Video you can watch on Practice and Game Planning BELOW!

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