Friday, April 19, 2019

What I learned from hearing Brent Dearmon LIVE at the Atlanta Glazier Part One

I had the pleasure of listening to Brent Dearmon at the Atlanta Football Glazier Clinics. He was worth the FULL CLINIC. I fully hope Kansas uses what he knows!

If you know me, you know I am a RPO lover. We ran a lot of RPOs at Newton High School and over the last 8 years starting with my favorite stick-draw to the most used one for me Stick-Zone.

But Brent Dearmon has taken RPO, playcalling, development and understanding to the next level.

In part one, I want to give you what I learned from him to make the Zone game better.....

#1 - That he plays with Field and Boundary Wide Receivers. He plays his best WR to the boundary and that his Field WR is his best blocker

#2 He teaches the H-back to duck walk 3 steps, with eyes on the LB, who is the run fitter, before going on to the safety.

#3 He installs IZ for the 1st 2 days because his team is in Helmets he wants to make sure he gets the base of his offense right.

#4 He spoke about how to use the Zone Read Bubble with 2 RBs 1st

#5 How to use Tight Ends...

The TE will take a jab step 1st. With  9 tech 1 step outside & vertical

12 Personnel

11 Personnel

#6 He also tells his RB to Chase the center butt on Zone runs

#7 How do you deal with *man coverage * ??

You can by his book Evolution of the RPO by Clicking on the Picture

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